The Effects of Quantitative Easing on Bank Lending Behavior,” Review of Financial Studies, Nov (2017), 30(11): 3858–3887. (with O. Darmouni)

Persistent Anti-Market Culture: A Legacy of the Pale of Settlement after the Holocaust,” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Aug (2013), 5(3): 189–226. (with I. Grosfeld and E. Zhuravskaya)

Working Papers

(Un)Competitive Devaluations and Firm Dynamics

Exchange Rate Shocks and Quality Adjustments (with D. Goetz)

Work in Progress

Firm Debt and Monetary Policy in Europe (with O. Darmouni and O. Giesecke)

Tenure Effects in Firm-to-Firm Bargaining (with D. Goetz)

Prices and Inventories After a Large Devaluation (with M. Golosov and V. Midrigan)
(draft coming soon)

Financial Innovation and Trade: Evidence from Cotton Futures Trading (with C. Steinwender)

The Effects of Propaganda on Consumer Behavior